Jackie lives in Austin with two of her four sons (ages: 24, 22, 19, and 17), two cats.

She has a BSEE and an MBA, neither of which she really put to their intended use. She spent 25+ years working in the corporate world, mostly in telecommunications and high-energy physics, as a programmer, technical writer, web page developer and manager. She’s also a home-birth midwife.100_1391-headshot-200

She wrote novels in high school, mostly as a means of not going stir-crazy in a school that didn’t challenge her. She’d write a new chapter every night and bring it in for a girlfriend to read during Spanish class. Jackie still have those stories. She says they are very bad. 🙂

Then sometime in 2001, almost 25 years after those first stories, Jackie had a character start talking to her and insisting that her story be written. Jackie wrote the first draft before the world interrupted. After an amicable divorce, she decided to ignore all logic and common sense and follow her dream of writing, rather than getting a real job. Over the next 7 years, Jackie finished that first story, tossed that version and finished it again, tossed that version and finished it again, and in general learned a whole lot about the writing and publishing process.